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Telirati Analysis #14 Google's Social Menagerie and its Android and Web Habitats

N.b.: The tables in this article are available as a single table here Welcome to the menagerie Who knew how social Google really is? Google has at least nine properties that can be considered "social." Back in our analysis #11  we took a quick inventory and found that social characteristics permeate Google's collection of tools and applications, and that Google+ missed some key opportunities in high-value areas. Here we expand our collection of specimens and apply taxonomy to Google's ecology of things with social characteristics and how well adapted they are to Web and Android habitats. We divide the analysis into two parts: content characteristics and social features. Content characteristics In addition to search, email, and office productivity, Google runs at least nine "applications" that deal in user-provided content. We can't call them "Web sites" since most of them are presented through both Android applications and a Web