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5G: Hype vs Reality

UPDATE A continually updated version of the information in this post, plus a lot of new information, is now available at: Telecom companies, their suppliers, and politicians are putting 5G in the news There have been a lot of news stories about 5G, a new mobile wireless standard. The theme many of these suspiciously similar articles is that 5G is going to transform everything. I'll tell you what to expect in reality, and what is wishful thinking on the part of the telecom industry, and why telecom service providers and equipment makers are hyping fantasies. 5G is a better radio 5G means better mobile devices and a better mobile network. There are three main reasons 5G is better: 5G introduces a new radio technology that makes more efficient use of radio spectrum The network behind those radios will be faster and have lower latency 5G enables using more of the radio spectrum There are many factors in the increased sophistication in 5G radios. These are