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A $99 Android Tablet That Doesn't Suck

The last of my Android tablets, a Nexus made by LG, died over a year ago. It had stopped being updated years before that. This is why I had not bought a replacement: I don't like Samsung's Android extensions and bloatware, and how that delays updates I won't buy a cheap tablet with an out of date version of Android The Pixel Slate is a software platypus, part Chromebook, part Android tablet, and expensive I don't use Alexa, and I don't like the lack of Google Play Services on Amazon Fire tablets Except for Samsung, Google has done a terrible job cultivating tablet manufacturers to make good Android tablets at good prices. Amazon Fire tablets, which are great for consuming Amazon media content, don't run a lot of apps I use. The choice has been between Samsung, or cheap and underpowered tablets running versions of Android that are obsolete right out of the box, and never updated thereafter. Recently, I was listening to a tech news podcast and